Adult ADHD Care

Adult ADHD Diagnosis and Management

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common psychiatric conditions in children and teens. Most of the time, ADHD symptoms in childhood continue into adulthood, although some people don’t develop ADHD until their adult years. It is estimated that about 4-6% of people in Canada have ADHD (CADDAC, 2024). One challenging thing about ADHD is that it isn’t always diagnosed appropriately and may be mistaken for another condition, which is why it’s important to be evaluated by a specialist.

What are the causes of ADHD?

The causes and risk factors for ADHD are unknown, but genetics are suspected to play an important role. As such, if someone has an immediate family member with ADHD, that person may be affected as well.

What are the symptoms of ADHD?

Characteristic symptoms of ADHD include difficulty paying attention, impulsiveness, and restlessness which affect the ability to function in school, work, and maintain healthy relationships with others. People with ADHD may have difficulty with:

  • focusing on a task – especially for long periods of time,
  • organizing activities
  • remembering details
  • following through with tasks
  • completing projects
  • meeting deadlines
  • managing time
  • maintaining relationships
  • maintaining a job
  • inability to manage uncomfortable emotions
  • abiding by traffic laws, resulting in driving errors, speeding, and traffic tickets.

Diagnosing ADHD 

Getting assessed for ADHD includes a thorough history of your symptoms using self-reported questionnaires and an interview with a specialist. Part of this process is to determine if your symptoms are caused by or exacerbated by another physical or mental health condition. The specialist will evaluate how these symptoms affect your life to determine the best treatment plan for you.

The benefit of being assessed by Direct Health Solution’s ADHD specialist is that as nurse practitioners, we can assess for physical/medical concerns, write requisitions for further investigations i.e. bloodwork, and prescribe medications (if appropriate).

Treatment for ADHD

There is more to ADHD management than medications. Our ADHD specialists offer a variety of strategies to manage your symptoms. This may include education, coaching, counselling, and prescription medications (carefully titrated to suit you). If you have a primary care provider (family physician or nurse practitioner), we can send them a letter containing treatment recommendations.

If you don’t have a primary care provider, our providers may be able to provide ongoing care for your ADHD management. Follow-up care is important to assess how you are responding to the treatment plan and adjust the plan accordingly, as every person needs an individualized approach to their care.

If you’d like to find out more information about our services, contact our office today.

Our Adult ADHD Care Services

Booking an ADHD assessment includes:

  • An initial 50-minute appointment includes the assessment interview, medical history review, and some lab tests (if necessary).
  • The second 50-minute appointment to review the specialist’s diagnostic impression and recommendations.
  • letter of diagnosis (or lack thereof) and recommended treatment plan.

$600 flat rate

Note that the diagnosis of ADHD is not guaranteed. If the specialist identifies another concern, she will discuss this with you during the second appointment.

We are not able to provide assessments for people under the care of a psychiatrist or are being treated for bipolar disorder or a psychotic disorder. A psychiatrist may be more suitable in his scenario.

If you have previously been diagnosed with ADHD and need further assessment and/or treatment planning, you may schedule an appointment with our ADHD specialist. Please provide documentation of your diagnosis and previous/current treatments.

$198 per hour

Brief phone or virtual consultation with our ADHD specialist to review the treatment plan and medications.

$50 per 15 minutes

Jessica came to see me at my home very last minute and she was incredible. I had been sick for more than a month at that point and was having no luck with walk in clinics. She took the time to examine me and talk to me about the potential issues. I haven't had a doctor's appointment like that in more than a decade. She also called me as soon as the lab work came back and I appreciate so much. Jessica is caring and compassionate and the absolute best. I can't imagine going back to a walk-in clinic ever again.
The care provided by Jessica, and the coordination provided by Judy, has been exceptional for me. I have not been able to secure a GP since moving provinces for school, which is incredibly challenging living with a complex health condition. Jessica truly takes the time to listen, get a holistic picture of your health concerns, answer all of your questions, and provide ample suggestions and solutions that you are comfortable with. She has been nothing short of amazing since accessing services, and was able to provide options for me I was not able to get after repeated ER visits. I am very grateful for her kindness and expertise as it relates to women's health and pain management - which rivals any doctor I have met to date - and I look forward to being a long-term patient under her care.

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