Depression Care

Personalized assessments, diagnosis, and treatment for depression
Depression Counseling

Symptoms of depression

Depression may present in a variety of ways. It may occur once in your life, multiple times in your life, or daily. The symptoms may be so subtle that people may feel generally unwell without understanding why. It may also be severe enough to interfere with day-to-day activities, such as work, school, and maintaining relationships with others. 

Symptoms of depression may include:

  • Low mood
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in activities
  • Difficulty sleeping or sleeping excessively
  • Weight loss or weight gain, which may be associated with a change in appetite
  • Low energy
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  • Agitation or restlessness
  • Becoming frustrated easily
  • Thoughts of worthlessness
  • Feeling excessively guilty
  • Recurrent thoughts of death or self-harm.

Impact of depression

Symptoms of depression can range from being mild to severe. Nevertheless, it can impact all aspect of one’s life including personal relationships, goal setting, ability to funciton in school and work, and care for oneself. Depression may cause physical symptoms, including chronic pain, and make it difficult to manage other conditions. Being diagnosed correctly and in a timely manner is an important step towards managing your symptoms and overcoming depression.

Diagnosing depression

The assessment and diagnosis of depression is based on your personal history, family history, and an interview and examination by a healthcare professional. Laboratory tests are not useful in diagnosing depression; however, it is useful to rule out other medical conditions that can cause or contribute to your symptoms.

Although feeling sad or having a low mood a time may be normal at times, the frequency of those symptoms and understanding how it affects your life is taken into consideration when you are being evaluated for depression. 

Treatments for depression

Studies show that the most effective approach to managing depression includes a combination of medication and psychotherapy, although there is not single approach that works for everyone. Your healthcare provider will create a plan for you based on your goals, values, and lifestyle.

For example, if your symptoms are mild and/or you don’t prefer medications, there are a variety of other strategies (i.e. different types of counselling) that can be used to help you overcome your symptoms. 

Counselling for depression provides a nurturing environment to explore and address the root causes of depression. It empowers individuals with strategies to combat negative thoughts, enhance mood, and regain a sense of joy and interest in life, paving the way for lasting emotional recovery.

How can Direct Health Solutions help?

Our depression experts offer dedicated assessments and personalized treatment plans to help you understand more about what’s going on and how to manage it.

  • If you have a primary care provider (i.e. family physician or nurse practitioner) who is comfortable with managing depression, we can write a letter entailing your diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
  • If you don’t have a primary care provider or one who is comfortable with managing depression, we may be able to provide ongoing monitoring and treatment for depression.

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Our Depression Care Services

Make an appointment with our mental health specialist to have your symptoms assessed and determine if you meet the criteria for depression. This includes a treatment plan and recommendation(s).

Rates start at $150/min

Schedule virtual or phone appointment with our mental health specialist to evaluate your current treatment plan and revise it, if needed.

Rates start at $50/15 min

Schedule an in-home or in-office appointment with our mental health specialist to assess your symptoms and create (or modify) your treatment plan.

Rates start at $198/hr

Schedule a virtual or phone appointment with our Registered Counsellor to give you strategies to manage your symptoms.

Rates start at $150/hour.

Jessica came to see me at my home very last minute and she was incredible. I had been sick for more than a month at that point and was having no luck with walk in clinics. She took the time to examine me and talk to me about the potential issues. I haven't had a doctor's appointment like that in more than a decade. She also called me as soon as the lab work came back and I appreciate so much. Jessica is caring and compassionate and the absolute best. I can't imagine going back to a walk-in clinic ever again.
The care provided by Jessica, and the coordination provided by Judy, has been exceptional for me. I have not been able to secure a GP since moving provinces for school, which is incredibly challenging living with a complex health condition. Jessica truly takes the time to listen, get a holistic picture of your health concerns, answer all of your questions, and provide ample suggestions and solutions that you are comfortable with. She has been nothing short of amazing since accessing services, and was able to provide options for me I was not able to get after repeated ER visits. I am very grateful for her kindness and expertise as it relates to women's health and pain management - which rivals any doctor I have met to date - and I look forward to being a long-term patient under her care.

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