Workplace Flu Shot Clinic

Boost the health and wellness of employees with a workplace wellness program

Organizing a workplace flu shot clinic can offer several benefits:

  1. Convenience: Employees can get vaccinated without having to schedule a separate appointment or visit a clinic, saving time and effort.
  2. Healthier Workforce: Vaccinated employees are less likely to get the flu, reducing absenteeism and maintaining productivity during flu season.
  3.  Cost Savings: Fewer sick days and reduced healthcare costs for both employees and the employer, as flu-related illnesses can be expensive in terms of lost productivity and medical expenses.
  4. Employee Morale: Demonstrates that the employer cares about the health and well-being of their employees, potentially boosting morale and loyalty.
  5. Increased Vaccination Rates: Accessibility encourages higher participation rates among employees who might not otherwise prioritize getting a flu shot.
  6. Public Health Benefit: By reducing the spread of flu within the workplace, the clinic contributes to community health efforts, especially for employees who interact with the public.

Overall, a workplace flu shot clinic promotes a healthier, more productive environment while fostering a sense of well-being among employees.

How to set up a workplace flu shot clinic

Setting up a flu shot clinic at your office is fairly simple.

  1. Firstly, send an email out to your staff to see how many people are interested. If you have a common staff area, you may also consider posting a sign-up sheet.
  2. Contact your preferred vendor to reserve a date and time for your clinic. The length of your clinic is usually determined by the number of participants. It is safe to expect an hour per 10 participants.
  3. Send a reminder email to your staff 1-2 days before your scheduled clinic. Remind them to wear a top that provides easy access to the deltoid muscle (upper arm).
  4. On the day of the clinic, you should prepare a quiet and private area with one table and two chairs for the nurse to administer the shots.

Why choose Direct Health Solutions?

  • Support local: Direct Health Solutions is a small, locally-owned business.
  • Experience: Direct Health Solutions has been providing corporate flu shot clinics since 2017.
  • Flexible hours: We work with employers to schedule flu shot clinics to accommodate their employees. This includes weekends and evenings, if needed.
  • Family-friendly: Our corporation can immunize children 6 months and up, which provides employers the option to host a family-friendly flu shot clinic.
  • Unique offering: We carry the traditional flu shots (injections). We also carry FluMist, which is the only needle-free version of the influenza vaccination and is provided in the form of a nasal spray.
  • No minimum: We have no problem setting up a clinic for your office whether you have 2 participants or 200 participants. We even travel to people’s homes for convenience.

Schedule your on-site flu shot clinic

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If you have any questions, you may email [email protected]


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My experience with Direct Health Solutions has been nothing short of amazing. It’s the equivalent of having a medical clinic and laboratory services in the comfort of your own home. No wait times, no exposure to other sick patients, and if you have mobility issues, this could be a suitable option. Everyone on their team, from Judy to Jessica to Danielle has been absolutely wonderful. They’re knowledgeable, efficient, thorough and can tackle multiple health issues without making you feel rushed. I trust them completely with all my medical needs and will continue seeking their services.
Jessica came to see me at my home very last minute and she was incredible. I had been sick for more than a month at that point and was having no luck with walk in clinics. She took the time to examine me and talk to me about the potential issues. I haven't had a doctor's appointment like that in more than a decade. She also called me as soon as the lab work came back and I appreciate so much. Jessica is caring and compassionate and the absolute best. I can't imagine going back to a walk-in clinic ever again.

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